Daisuke Yamashiro

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Performance in searching solutions by MultiObjective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) depends on genetic operators and/or their parameters. For comparison of the performance with some genetic operators and/or parameters, it has been usually employed the transitions of fitness values through actual applications or the number/performance of acquired Pareto solutions(More)
Poly-γ-glutamate (PGA) is a versatile nylon-like material, and enhanced production of PGA is required for various bio-industrial applications. In this study, we first examined the effects of available sugars on the production of Bacillus subtilis PGA, and demonstrated the good applicability of pentoses (e.g., D-xylose). Then, we characterized the pgsE gene(More)
The rapid progresses of computers introduce evolutionary computations to next step, which is the demand for the variety of Pareto solutions in multi-objective optimization problems. We can calculate a large amount of Pareto solutions in a short time. However, it is difficult to use the acquired Pareto solutions effectively, because the Pareto solutions have(More)
The Bacillus subtilis structural gene pgsE was investigated as a tool for extrachromosomal DNA maintenance (EDM). It ameliorated the stability of high-copy-number vectors, regardless of whether they were derived from rolling-cycle or theta-mode replicons, without any selective pressure. This unique EDM phenomenon may occur via a trans-acting mechanism.
It is generally thought that natural strains of Bacillus subtilis produce poly-gamma-glutamate (PGA) as a large exopolymer (over 1,000 kDa) with high water solubility. However, extracellular PGA (ePGA) of B. subtilis is actually diverse in molecular size and configuration. In this study, we identified membranous PGA (mPGA) from both natural and domestic(More)
Extrachromosomal DNA maintenance (EDM) is an important process in molecular breeding and for various applications in the construction of genetically engineered microbes. Here we describe a novel Bacillus subtilis gene involved in EDM function called edmS (formerly pgsE). Functional gene regions were identified using molecular genetics techniques. We found(More)
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