Daisuke Tokunaga

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A 72-year old woman had been suffered from a dysesthesia in the left median nerve distribution, followed by a dysesthesia in the right ulnar distribution. Neurological examination revealed weakness in the right intrinsic hand muscles with the ipsilateral thenar and hyothenar atrophy. Paradoxical preservation of the left thenar muscles was a clinical(More)
The helix-forming nature of β-1,3-glucan polysaccharides is a characteristic that has potential for producing gene carriers, bio-nanomaterials and other chiral nanowires. Herein, carboxylic curdlan (CurCOOH) bearing the β-1,3-polyglucuronic acid structure was successfully prepared from β-1,3-glucan polysaccharide curdlan (Cur) by one-step oxidation using a(More)
Twelve basic taxoids and 22 neutral taxoids were isolated from basic and polar neutral fractions of the extracts of needles and twigs of Taxus cuspidata. Among them, taxine NA-13, 3,11-cyclotaxinine NN-1, taxinine NN-6, 11(15→1)abeo-taxinine NN-1, taxine NA-8, and taxine NA-4 were isolated first from natural sources by us. The cytotoxic activity of isolated(More)
Amphoteric β-1,3-glucans possessing both amino groups and carboxylic acid groups on the C6 positions of glucose units were designed and synthesized from naturally produced curdlan. The amphoteric polysaccharides showed the isoelectric point and the pH responsive interconversion between the original triple helix and single-stranded random structures. Since(More)
A microscopic measurement system of circular dichroic spectra of second harmonic generation, which is applicable to detect the chirality of micro-region of molecular aggregates, has been investigated. The performance of the system was demonstrated by the discrimination of chirality of molecular aggregates of porphyrin on a glass plate.
A simple and rapid isothermal absorptiometric assay for detection of viable microbes using the redox color indicator 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol (DCPIP) was studied. The absorbance of DCPIP decreased at 600 nm because of a redox reaction occurring between DCPIP and the surface membrane of viable microbes and was inversely proportional to the viable cell(More)
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