Daisuke Tani

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Many-to-one eigenvoice conversion (EVC) allows the conversion from an arbitrary speaker's voice into the predetermined target speaker's voice. In this method, a canonical eigenvoice Gaussian mixture model is effectively adapted to any source speaker using only a few utterances as the adaptation data. In this paper, we propose a many-to-one EVC based on(More)
This paper describes an evaluation of many-to-one voice conversion (VC) algorithmsconverting an arbitrary speaker's voice into a particular target speaker's voice. These algorithms effectively generate a conversion model for a new source speaker using multiple parallel data sets of many pre-stored source speakers and the single target speaker. We conducted(More)
Objective To provide preliminary evidence of validity of the JAMAR in a large sample of JIA patients. Methods The JAMAR includes: Juvenile Arthritis Functionality Scale (JAFS) (0 = normal; 30 = worst), Pediatric Rheumatology Quality of Life (PRQL) questionnaire (0 = best; 30 = worst); visual analogue scales (0 = best; 10 = worst) for parent/patient rating(More)
Objective To develop a new short and simple measure for assessment of HRQL in PRD and provide preliminary evidence of its validity in JIA. Methods The Pediatric Rheumatology Quality of Life (PRQL) includes 10 questions, each scored from 0 (normal) to 3 (worst). Score range is 0–30. The PRQL contains two sub-scales, each composed of 5 questions (score range(More)
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