Daisuke Tani

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BACKGROUND Myelotoxicity, a major toxicity of vinorelbine. may be related to the degree of one's exposure to vinorelbine. In theory, clarithromycin has the potential to alter vinorelbine's pharmacokinetics by inhibiting CYP3A and/or P-glycoprotein; this may result in massive exposure to vinorelbine and severe toxicity. To date, macrolide-vinorelbine drug(More)
Many-to-one eigenvoice conversion (EVC) allows the conversion from an arbitrary speaker’s voice into the pre-determined target speaker’s voice. In this method, a canonical eigenvoice Gaussian mixture model is effectively adapted to any source speaker using only a few utterances as the adaptation data. In this paper, we propose a many-to-one EVC based on(More)
Erythema multiforme is a relatively common skin disorder; the most common cause is herpes simplex infection, but topical sensitivities reportedly also provoke this reaction. We report here a case that progressed to toxic epidermal necrolysis due to contact with ultraviolet (UV)-cured inks. The diagnosis was confirmed by patch tests to acrylates in the(More)
This paper describes an evaluation of many-to-one voice conversion (VC) algorithmsconverting an arbitraryspeaker’s voice into a particular target speaker’s voice. These algorithmseffectively generatea conversionmodel for a new source speaker using multiple parallel data sets of many pre-storedsource speakers and the single target speaker. We conducted(More)
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