Daisuke Takasu

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine attenuation values in the central vein and perivenous artefacts at the subclavian vein in cervical CT angiography (CTA) when using 40 ml contrast material (CM) followed by different volumes (25 ml vs 40 ml) of saline flush (SF). METHODS 61 patients underwent CTA between the aortic arch (AA) and distal to the(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a promising therapeutic modality for treatment of solid tumors. In this study, third-generation aryl ether dendrimer porphyrins (DPs) with either 32 quaternary ammonium groups (32(+)DPZn) or 32 carboxylic groups (32(-)DPZn) were evaluated as a novel, supramolecular class of photosensitizers for PDT. DPs showed a different(More)
BACKGROUND Although CT urography (CTU) is widely used for the evaluation of the entire urinary tract, the most important drawback is the radiation exposure. PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of a noise reduction filter (NRF) using a phantom and to quantitatively and qualitatively compare excretory phase (EP) images using a low noise index (NI) with those(More)
An interventional-radiology computed-tomography (IVR-CT)/angio system is a combination of an angiographic unit and a CT scanner. This system allows patient's movement in and out of the two imaging units, on the same table. Since June 2003, we have applied our conventional protocol for evaluation of cerebral blood perfusion during interventional radiology(More)
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