Daisuke Senzaki

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Mobile host (MH) has to be tracked in personal communication service (PCS) network, for which update and paging signals are required. The number of PCS network subscribers skyrocketed in recent years. To reuse channels over a distance, cell size is reduced and the number of cell crossing by user is becoming high. That makes optimal use of paging and update(More)
Next generation personal communication service (PCS) networks are high-capacity cellular networks. Cell size has to be decreased when the system is required to support high-throughput data transfer and multimedia communication. With high density of the mobile terminals (MTs) and small cell sizes, location management is one of the most important issues for(More)
A distance-based approach is an efficient strategy for location management of mobile hosts in a cellular PCN. But what is the optimum distance for distance-based location management? Does it depend on cell-size, and/or the movement behavior of an individual user, depending on her movement pattern, more efficient? Or should a simple fixed distance for all(More)
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