Daisuke Naka

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Complexation of iron(ll) by catechol and thiol ligands leads to the formation of aqueous species that are capable of reducing substituted nitroaromatic compounds (NACs) to the corresponding anilines. No reactions of NACs are observed in FelI-only or ligand-only solutions. In solutions containing FeII and tiron, a model catechol, rates of NAC reduction are(More)
Complexation of Fe(II) by dissolved and surface-bound ligands can significantly modify the metal's redox reactivity, and recent work reveals that Fe(II) complexes with selected classes of organic ligands are potent reductants that may contribute to the natural attenuation of subsurface contaminants. In the present study, we investigated the reactivity of(More)
Several types of prosthesis are used for microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery for neurovascular compression syndrome. However, most prostheses adhere to the surrounding neuronal structures and occasionally cause granulomas. The present study evaluated a dural substitute made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, the Gore-Tex EPTFE patch, as a prosthesis(More)
We reported the changes of brain responses during sleep following auditory, visual, somatosensory and painful somatosensory stimulation by using magnetoencephalography (MEG). Surprisingly, very large changes were found under all conditions, although the changes in each were not the same. However, there are some common findings. Short-latency components,(More)
Recently, carotid artery stenting (CAS) has been reported to be an alternative of carotid endarterectomy (CEA) for internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis due to the improvement of protection devices. In general, the transfemoral approach has been chosen for CAS because of the sizes of the devices. However, the transfemoral route seems to be unavailable or(More)
Activated Sludge Models (ASMs) are widely used for biological wastewater treatment plant design, optimisation and operation. In commonly used ASMs, the nitrification process is modelled as a one-step process. However, in some process configurations, it is desirable to model the concentration of nitrite nitrogen through a two-step nitrification process. In(More)
Sponge carrier media provide a large surface area for biofilm support; however, little information is known about how to model their dual nature as a moving bed and as porous media. To investigate the interaction of mass transfer and detachment with bio-clogging, a novel biofilm model framework was built based on individual-based modelling, and(More)
Anaerobic degradation of wild halophytes (Kalidium caspicum, Salicornia europaea and Climacoptera lanata) from solonchaks of Kyzylkum desert in comparison with conventional glycophyte Panicum coloratum was studied. Lab-scale reactors were fed with dried and milled plant biomass. Tests were operated under batch and continuous mode at mesophilic (M) and(More)
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