Daisuke Mori

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Photonic crystal slab line defect waveguides with slightly small innermost holes are theoretically expected to show light transmission with low-group-velocity and low-dispersion (LVLD) characteristics owing to a linear and almost flat photonic band. In this study, the LVLD characteristics of such waveguides were experimentally confirmed by using modulation(More)
This paper reports two advances in a slow light device consisting of chirped photonic crystal slab coupled waveguide on SOI substrate. One is concerning the delay-bandwidth product, indicating the buffering capacity of the device. We experimentally evaluated a record high value of 57 (a 40 ps delay and a 1.4 THz bandwidth). We also observed ~1 ps wide(More)
We report on the fabrication and evaluation of a directional coupler consisting of two different chirped photonic crystal (PC) waveguides that can generate wideband, low dispersion slow light. The directional coupler was fabricated from a silicon-on-insulator PC slab with airhole diameter chirping. For both waveguides, we observed a group index of 60-80(More)
We experimentally demonstrate wideband dispersion-free slow light in chirped photonic crystal coupled waveguides (PCCW). In unchirped PCCWs, the zero group velocity can occur at an inflection point of a photonic band of even symmetric mode. The even symmetric mode is selectively excited by connecting the device with input and output waveguides through(More)
Slow light with a markedly low group velocity is a promising solution for optical buffering and advanced time-domain optical signal processing. It is also anticipated to enhance linear and nonlinear effects and so miniaturize functional photonic devices because slow light compresses optical energy in space. Photonic crystal waveguide devices generate(More)
When a humanoid robot hand generates a dexterous motion or adaptive behavior, a three-dimensional tactile sensor is indispensable which is as thin and soft as human skin. This study proposed a three-dimensional tactile sensor which enables to use a thin and soft elastic body without requiring any such processing as drawing of pattern on the surface or(More)
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