Daisuke Mima

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We often see close-ups of CG characters' faces in movies or video games. In such situations, the quality of a character's face (mainly in dialogue scenes) primarily determines that of the entire movie. Creating highly realistic speech animation is essential because viewers watch these scenes carefully. In general, such speech animations are created manually(More)
During face-to-face conversation, human eyes always rotate irregularly. Therefore, it is essential to synthesize such complex eye movements for the achievement of realistic human facial animation. In the conversation, there are two kinds of eye movements, Saccades and Fixation Eye Movements (FEMs). Saccade is a relatively large scale motion in eye movements(More)
In order to synthesize attractive facial expressions, it is necessary to consider detailed expression changes such as facial wrinkles. Nevertheless, most techniques of expression synthesis (i.e. blend shape, image morphing, simulation of mimic muscle and so on) focus entirely on large-scale deformation of a face and ignore small-scale details such as(More)
Computer-generated speech animations are commonly seen in video games and movies. Although high-quality facial motions can be created by the hand crafted work of skilled artists, this approach is not always suitable because of time and cost constraints. A data-driven approach [Taylor et al. 2012], such as machine learning to concatenate video portions of(More)
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