Daisuke Kuroiwa

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Environment recognition is an effective way for a mobile robot to move across rough terrain. In particular, this makes it possible to prevent a tiny mobile robot from getting stuck or turning over. Several studies have been conducted on environment recognition using a laser range finder or camera. However, almost all of these studies focused on obstacle(More)
One of the main problems faced by land-based mobile robots is their locomotion performance on rough outdoor terrain. We focused on the navigation of grassy areas such as riversides and forests. These have many types of obstacles, which make robot locomotion difficult. Several studies have been conducted on locomotive mechanisms for rough terrains that have(More)
— Many complicated software packages make the operation difficult for end users. To acquire the skills for software operation, supporting end users to learn operating methods by themselves is effective. When in learning operating methods, it is important for end users to check the overview of the operating methods and their current step in the sequence of(More)
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