Daisuke Kotera

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We report a new route for the selective synthesis of di- and tetrafunctionalized pillararenes via oxidation and reduction of the pillararene units. Hypervalent-iodine oxidation of perethylated pillar[5]arene afforded pillar[5]arene derivatives containing one benzoquinone unit and two benzoquinones at the A,B- and A,C-units. A pillar[6]arene derivative(More)
A one-pot synthesis of pillar[5]arene-based [2]rotaxanes containing one and two stations by copper(I)-catalyzed alkyne-azide cycloaddition (CuAAC) reaction is reported. In situ formation of the two stations by two stepwise CuAAC reactions allows for the synthesis of a [2]rotaxane containing two stations with equal energy levels that exhibit shuttling of the(More)
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