Daisuke Kikuchi

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Gordon and Jeffrey developed a type system for checking correspondence assertions. The correspondence assertions, proposed by Woo and Lam, state that when a certain event (called an " end " event) happens, the corresponding " begin " event must have occurred before. They can be used for checking authenticity in communication protocols. In this paper, we(More)
Gordon and Jeffrey have proposed a type and effect system for checking authenticity in cryptographic protocols. The type system reduces the protocol verification problem to the type checking problem, but protocols must be manually annotated with non-trivial types and effects. To automate the verification of cryptographic protocols, we modify Gordon and(More)
This paper investigates language constructs for high-level and type-safe manipulation of JSON objects in a typed functional language. A major obstacle in representing JSON in a static type system is their heterogeneous nature: in most practical JSON APIs, a JSON array is a heterogeneous list consisting of, for example, objects having common fields and(More)
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