Daisuke Karikawa

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Improvements of aviation systems are now in progress to ensure the safety and efficiency of air transport in response to the rapid growth of air traffic. For providing theoretical and empirical basis for design and evaluation of aviation systems, researches focusing on cognitive aspects of air traffic controllers are definitely important. Whereas various(More)
For addressing human factor issues in the air traffic control (ATC) domain, further comprehension of controllers’ working methods during actual work is required. The objective of the present research is to analyze the performance characteristics of control strategies, which can be a major means to manage a traffic situation and workload for controllers, by(More)
Since controller teams are in charge of en-route air traffic control, team cooperation is a key issue for good control performance. We conducted ethnographic field observation at the Tokyo Area Control Center and then analyzed the obtained data to develop a cognitive model of team cooperation in en-route air traffic control. We segmented conversational(More)
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