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sence of osteoblasts. Osteoclast formation in this system is strongly inhibited by osteoprotegerin (OPG), which specifically binds to RANKL and suppresses its binding to RANK. The essential role of RANKL-RANK pathways in osteoclast development was further confirmed by a series of knockout mouse experiments. Targeted disruption of either RANKL or RANK(More)
The pharmacological actions of bisphosphonates are due to the inhibitory effects on bone resorption, but little is known about the bisphosphonate action on bone formation. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the actions of bisphosphonates, clodronate, on bone formation in the experimental in vivo and in vitro rat models. The bone mineral density (BMD)(More)
Type IIa sodium-dependent phosphate transporter (NaPi-IIa) can be localized in the apical plasma membrane of renal proximal tubule to carry out a rate-limiting step of phosphate reabsorption. For the apical localization, NaPi-IIa is required to form a macromolecular complex with some adaptor proteins such as Na(+)/H(+) exchanger regulatory factor 1(More)
Type IIa sodium-dependent phosphate transporter (NaPi-IIa) is responsible for renal phosphate reabsorption and maintenance of systemic phosphate homeostasis in mammals. Macromolecular complex formation of NaPi-IIa with sodium-proton exchanger related factor-1 (NHERF-1) and ezrin is important for apical membrane localization in the proximal tubular cells.(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the intrasession reproducibility of various thickness parameters used to diagnose and follow-up glaucoma, in particular circumpapillary total retinal thickness (cpTR) provided by the RS-3000 optical coherence tomograph (OCT). METHODS Fifty-three healthy eyes of 28 subjects underwent three consecutive imaging with the RS-3000 Advance(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to evaluate the applicability of a new optical coherence tomography parameter, the circumpapillary ganglion cell complex (cpGCC) thickness for glaucoma diagnostics. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The RS-3000 Advance SD-OCT (NIDEK, Aichi, Japan) was used to measure global and sector macular GCC (mGCC) thickness, circumpapillary(More)
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