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Holonomic quantum computation is analyzed from geometrical viewpoint. We develop an optimization scheme in which an arbitrary unitary gate is implemented with a small circle in a complex projective space. Exact solutions for the Hadamard, CNOT and 2-qubit discrete Fourier transformation gates are explicitly constructed. Recently quantum computer attracts(More)
The effects of tree height on shoot traits may in some cases differ in magnitude and direction from the effects of light. Nevertheless, general patterns of change in shoot traits in relation to variations in height and light have not so far been revealed. A comprehensive analysis of the differences between the effects of height and light on a range of leaf(More)
Orbit, a Drosophila ortholog of microtubule plus-end enriched protein CLASP, plays an important role in many developmental processes involved in microtubule dynamics. Previous studies have shown that Orbit is required for asymmetric stem cell division and cystocyte divisions in germline cysts and for the development of microtubule networks that interconnect(More)
Peripheral microtubules (MTs) near the cell cortex are essential for the positioning and continuous constriction of the contractile ring (CR) in cytokinesis. Time-lapse observations of Drosophila male meiosis showed that myosin II was first recruited along the cell cortex independent of MTs. Then, shortly after peripheral MTs made contact with the(More)
In higher eukaryotes, nuclear envelope (NE) disassembly allows chromatin to condense and spindle microtubules to access kinetochores. The nuclear lamina, which strengthens the NE, is composed of a polymer meshwork made of A- and B-type lamins. We found that the B-type lamin (Lam) is not fully disassembled and continues to localize along the spindle envelope(More)
The purpose of this study is to propose the wheelchair system enabling hemiplegic users to steer the wheelchair by one hand drive. This system consists of two parts: extraction of user's control intention from the single hand rim and the front wheel system with active steering. In particular, this paper focuses on the feasibility verification of this system(More)