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This paper presents a standard-cell-based semi-automatic design methodology of a new conceptual countermeasure against electromagnetic (EM) analysis and fault-injection attacks. The countermeasure namely EM attack sensor utilizes LC oscillators which detect variations in the EM field around a cryptographic LSI caused by a mi-cro probe brought near the LSI.(More)
Fast power current analysis method using capacitor charging model was introduced to evaluate security of cryptographic hardware against side channel attacks before the circuit is fabricated as an LSI chip. The method was applied to CPA (Correlation Power Analysis) on various AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) circuits, which require more than 10,000 power(More)
Power supply currents of CMOS digital circuits partly flow through a silicon substrate in their returning (ground) paths. The voltage bounce due to the substrate currents is seen wherever p+ substrate taps on a p-type die and regarded as a substrate noise. An on-chip waveform monitor confirms the side-channel leakage on the silicon substrate from an AES(More)
An investigation exploring the potential for the therapeutic application of videocassette techniques in vision therapy was undertaken. It was shown that a saccadic therapy program could be designed and produced with reasonable ease and simplicity. Clinical trials revealed the video method of saccadic therapy to be as effective as a standard method of(More)
A side-channel attack exploiting EM-field leakage from a cryptographic processor IC is an existing serious threat to our information society. EM radiation during the IC operation is captured by an EM probe and the correlation to the crypto processing is statistically analyzed to reveal the secret information although it is protected in a software(More)
In this paper, three fundamental techniques to improve laminated passive elements are proposed for wearable haptic displays. First, a new shape of sheet surfaces in laminated passive elements is introduced. Sliding motion between laminated sheets causes unexpected bad effect to static stiffness. An effective triangle shape for sheet surfaces, which prevents(More)