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In this paper, we propose a hybrid method for tracking a bronchoscope that uses a combination of magnetic sensor tracking and image registration. The position of a magnetic sensor placed in the working channel of the bronchoscope is provided by a magnetic tracking system. Because of respiratory motion, the magnetic sensor provides only the approximate(More)
This paper presents a method for the automated anatomical labeling of bronchial branches extracted from 3D CT images based on machine learning and combination optimization. We also show applications of anatomical labeling on a bronchoscopy guidance system. This paper performs automated labeling by using machine learning and combination optimization. The(More)
This paper proposes a method for estimating the human performance of pedestrian detectability from in-vehicle camera images in order to warn a driver of the positions of pedestrians in an appropriate timing. By introducing features related to visual search and motion of the target, the proposed method estimates the detectability of pedestrians accurately.(More)
This paper presents a Twitter-based event detection method based on "Twitter Enthusiasm Degrees (TED)" toward generating a highlight video of a sports game. Existing methods not only depend on both languages and sports types but also often falsely detect non-target events. In contrast, the proposed method detects sports events using TEDs calculated from(More)
This paper describes a method for tracking the camera motion of a flexible endoscope, in particular a bronchoscope, using epipolar geometry analysis and intensity-based image registration. The method proposed here does not use a positional sensor attached to the endoscope. Instead, it tracks camera motion using real endoscopic (RE) video images obtained at(More)
We propose a selective method of measurement for computing image similarities based on characteristic structure extraction and demonstrate its application to flexible endoscope navigation, in particular to a bronchoscope navigation system. Camera motion tracking is a fundamental function required for image-guided treatment or therapy systems. In recent(More)
This paper presents a new hybrid camera motion tracking method for bronchoscopic navigation combining SIFT, epipolar geometry analysis, Kalman filtering, and image registration. In a thorough evaluation, we compare it to state-of-the-art tracking methods. Our hybrid algorithm for predicting bronchoscope motion uses SIFT features and epipolar constraints to(More)
Obtaining an accurate vehicle position is important for intelligent vehicles in supporting driver safety and comfort. This paper proposes an accurate ego-localization method by matching in-vehicle camera images to an aerial image. There are two major problems in performing an accurate matching: (1) image difference between the aerial image and the(More)
—Wikipedia is a famous online encyclopedia. However most Wikipedia entries are mainly explained by text, so it will be very informative to enhance the contents with multimedia information such as videos. Thus we are working on a method to extend information of Wikipedia entries by means of broadcast videos which explain the entries. In this work, we focus(More)