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Mortality of bone marrow transplant (BMT) patients who develop invasive fungal infection is greater than 80%. Long-term follow-up of 46 consecutive BMT patients who received recombinant human macrophage colony-stimulating factor (rhM-CSF) as adjunctive therapy with standard antifungal treatment who were entered into phase I/II trials at The Fred Hutchinson(More)
System Dependence Graph (SDG) is a graph representation which shows dependencies among statements / expressions in a design. In this paper, we propose a new HW/SW co-design methodology based on SDG. In our method, any combination of C / C++ / SpecC descriptions is acceptable as input designs so that design functions can be specified flexibly. First, the(More)
In the retina, taurine works as an osmolyte to exert a neuroprotective function, and it has been proposed that Müller cells, a major type of retinal glial cells, are involved in the osmolarity regulation of retinal neural cells by controlling the taurine concentration in retinal extracellular fluid (ECF). However, the detailed mechanism of taurine transport(More)
Sharing files over the world with higher access throughput and with lower storage cost is a growing demand for the applications that use large files. However, the existing file sharing systems do not realize these two conflicted requests and no research has been found. This paper clarifies the requirements of a global large file sharing system and defines(More)
In this paper we propose a distributed system LSI design environment where both LSI designers and CAD tool developers/engineering can collaboratively work for higher performance designs. What we propose is a framework where not only design issues but also CAD tool related problems can be simultaneously taken care of by both designers and CAD engineers.(More)
Yamata-no-Orochi is an authentication and authorization infrastructure across multiple service domains and provides Internet services with unified authentication and authorization mechanisms. In this paper, Yamata-no-Orochi is incorporated into a video distribution system to verify its general versatility as a multi-domain authentication and authorization(More)
A long-spined sea urchin Diadema-sp reported from Japanese waters was genetically distinct from all known Diadema species, but it remained undescribed. Extensive field surveys in Japan with molecular identification performed in the present study determined five phenotypes (I to V) in Diadema-sp according to the presence and/or shape of a white streak and(More)
Recently, it becomes common to handle large files in computers. However, we have a difficulty to realize file sharing over networks, especially for large files. The problem is that we have extended the system model designed decades ago based on a stand-alone computer model. Assuming that all files are located in data centers, and nobody accesses them at the(More)
Shape-memory alloys (SMAs), which display shape recovery upon heating, as well as superelasticity, offer many technological advantages in various applications. Those distinctive behaviors have been observed in many polycrystalline alloy systems such as nickel titantium (TiNi)-, copper-, iron-, nickel-, cobalt-, and Ti-based alloys but not in lightweight(More)
Remote collaboration work via the Internet becomes common these days by appearance of web-based remote collaboration systems such as Google Apps, and SAGE2. This paper focuses on SAGE2 as a typical data intensive collaboration system, which shares information on large high-resolution displays with other sites using web browser technologies. However, it(More)