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Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR/MS) is the best MS technology for obtaining exact mass measurements owing to its great resolution and accuracy, and several outstanding FT-ICR/MS-based metabolomics approaches have been reported. A reliable annotation scheme is needed to deal with direct-infusion FT-ICR/MS metabolic(More)
The molecular characterization of two isoforms of 3-deoxy-d-manno-oct-2-ulosonate (KDO) -8-phosphate synthase (AtkdsA1 and AtkdsA2) from Arabidopsis is reported here. First, by isolating a full-length cDNA for AtkdsA1, it was confirmed that the deduced primary structures of AtkdsA1 and AtkdsA2 proteins were 93% identical. Functional expression and(More)
Suspension-cultured cell lines from plant species are useful for genetic engineering. However, maintenance of these lines is laborious, involves routine subculturing and hampers wider use of transgenic lines, especially when many lines are required for a high-throughput functional genomics application. Cryopreservation of these lines may reduce the need for(More)
Lipids are being increasingly used as biodiesel feedstock, and several saturated wax esters from Euglena gracilis are candidates for outdoor bulk production. Wax ester fermentation in Euglena is strongly increased by hypoxia, but key events underlying the metabolic shift toward wax ester biosynthesis are poorly understood. Profiling of wax esters and other(More)
  • H Tanaka, O Masugata, D Ohta, A Hasegawa, P Davis
  • 2006
In multihop ad hoc networks that use conventional IEEE 802.11, long transient resynchronisation states are often generated when multiple IBSSs merge. A simple modification of the conventional timing synchronisation method is proposed to reduce such synchronis-ation bottlenecks. When the proposed modification is applied, a self-adaptive synchronisation(More)
Accumulation profiles of wax esters in Euglena gracilis Z were studied under several environmental conditions. The highest amount of total wax esters accumulated under hypoxia in the dark, and C28 (myristyl-myristate, C14:0-C14:0) was prevalent among all conditions investigated. The wax ester production was almost completely suppressed under anoxia in the(More)
We used four mutants having albino or pale green phenotypes with disrupted nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins to analyze the regulatory system of metabolites in chloroplast. We performed an integrated analyses of transcriptomes and metabolomes of the four mutants. Transcriptome analysis was carried out using the Agilent Arabidopsis 2 Oligo Microarray, and(More)