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BACKGROUND Paired helical filaments (PHFs) are a characteristic pathological feature of Alzheimer's disease; their principal component is the microtubule-associated protein tau. The tau in PHFs (PHF-tau) is hyperphosphorylated, but the cellular mechanisms responsible for this hyperphosphorylation have yet to be elucidated. A number of kinases, including(More)
A proportion of the microtubule-associated protein, tau, is in an elevated state of phosphorylation in foetal and adult brain whereas all of the tau in paired helical filaments, which are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease is hyperphosphorylated; it is important therefore to elucidate the mechanisms that regulate tau phosphorylation. Here we describe(More)
Volume rendering has great potential for parallelization due to the tremendous number of computations necessary. Besides the enormous computational power needed, the memory interface is usually of crucial importance and frequently the bottleneck.This paper presents an implementation of a parallel ray casting algorithm for orthogonal projections on a new(More)
Two cellular systems have been used to investigate the modulation of tau hyperphosphorylation. In the first system, the effects of the excitatory amino acid glutamate, the microtubule destabilising agent colchicine, and beta 25-35-amyloid peptide on tau phosphorylation were studied in rat cortical neurones in primary culture. Using immunocytochemistry and(More)
This paper presents some aspects of the design methodologies and techniques that are being used in the OMI GraphMem project. One of the aims of the project has been to investigate 3D graphics accelerator architectures and graphics algorithms. The environment for rapidly prototyping algorithms and the subsequent development of VHDL based designs is(More)
The factor structure, reliability, and validity of a 49-item scale designed to measure Stockholm Syndrome (also referred to as "traumatic bonding" and "terror bonding"), that is, bonding with an abusive partner, were assessed for college women in heterosexual dating relationships. Factor analysis identified three major factors: Core Stockholm Syndrome,(More)
This briefing describes the hardware implementation of an ultra-high performance, next-generation, Single-Instruction/Multiple-Data (SIMD) processing architecture performing continuous pulse compression on actual radar data sets. This low-power, scalable architecture provides for hundreds and ultimately thousands of processing elements, each with optional(More)
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