Dairsie Latimer

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Volume rendering has great potential for parallelization due to the tremendous number of computations necessary. Besides the enormous computational power needed, the memory interface is usually of crucial importance and frequently the bottleneck.This paper presents an implementation of a parallel ray casting algorithm for orthogonal projections on a new(More)
The factor structure, reliability, and validity of a 49-item scale designed to measure Stockholm Syndrome (also referred to as "traumatic bonding" and "terror bonding"), that is, bonding with an abusive partner, were assessed for college women in heterosexual dating relationships. Factor analysis identified three major factors: Core Stockholm Syndrome,(More)
This briefing describes the hardware implementation of an ultra-high performance, nextgeneration, Single-Instruction/Multiple-Data (SIMD) processing architecture performing continuous pulse compression on actual radar data sets. This low-power, scalable architecture provides for hundreds and ultimately thousands of processing elements, each with optional(More)
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