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Regioselective esterification and etherification of cellulose: a review.
Deep understanding of the structure-property relationships of polysaccharide derivatives depends on the ability to control the position of the substituents around the monosaccharide ring and alongExpand
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Studies on regioselective acylation of cellulose with bulky acid chlorides
The regioselective esterification of cellulose by reaction with bulky acyl halides including pivaloyl chloride, adamantoyl chloride and 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl chloride was studied. FunctionalizationExpand
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TBAF and cellulose esters: unexpected deacylation with unexpected regioselectivity.
Tetrabutylammonium fluoride has been found to catalyze the deacylation of cellulose esters. More surprisingly, the deacylation is highly regioselective. Even more remarkably, in contrast with the C-6Expand
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Pharmaceutical Applications of Cellulose Ethers and Cellulose Ether Esters.
Cellulose ethers have proven to be highly useful natural-based polymers, finding application in areas including food, personal care products, oil field chemicals, construction, paper, adhesives, andExpand
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Regioselective synthesis of cellulose ester homopolymers.
Regioselective synthesis of cellulose esters is extremely difficult due to the small reactivity differences between cellulose hydroxyl groups, small differences in steric demand between acyl moietiesExpand
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Cellulose levulinate: a protecting group for cellulose that can be selectively removed in the presence of other ester groups
Abstract Levulinate is an important hydroxyl protecting group in carbohydrate chemistry but has not previously been so employed in cellulose chemistry, perhaps because of challenges involved inExpand
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Regioselective Synthesis of Cellulose Derivatives
Cellulose is the most abundant polysaccharide on earth and it is relatively a simple homopolymer (4-β-D-Glcp-1) with three hydroxyl groups, differing only subtly in reactivity. The position ofExpand