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A direct ELISA technique was used for demonstration of HFRS virus antigen in suspensions of the lungs obtained from 774 wild small mammals belonging to 13 zoological species trapped in 21 localities in Czechoslovakia between 1983 and 1984. Western serotype of HFRS virus was demonstrated in the lungs of 8 Microtus arvalis voles caught in the areas of central(More)
Open Access Full Text Article http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/POR.S83049 Meeting abstracts from the Respiratory Effectiveness Group 2015 Winter Summit – databases and registries around the world: maximizing the yield Maximizing the yield towards patient-centered care research 1. Dermot Ryan Centre for Population Health Science, University of Edinburgh, Medical(More)
During a period of 1969-1979 a total of 3174 small wild rodents of the genus Muridae and Microtinae (predominantly Microtus arvalis) were examined. The animals were trapped in five localities differing both in type of ecological conditions and epizootologic situation. Fox-rabies occurred here either enzootically, or epizootologically, or had been completely(More)
Young rats of both sexes, weight 150-170 g, the first laboratory progeny of captured wild parent pairs, were used throughout this experiment. Rats in two experimental groups comprising a total of 34 animals were infected orally with type 2 poliovirus vaccine strain given in each group at doses of 500, 5000 or 50,000 TCD50. In the first experiment, the(More)
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