Daimon Kambewa

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Drawing on a twenty-year study, we examine the effects of HIV-related illness and death on villagers in Malawi during 2006. Contrary to unidimensional images of an AIDS disaster, we found people striving for normality – trying to control the abnormal circumstances of the rising toll of HIV-related illness and death. Just over 40 % of the sample households(More)
This report has not been formally peer reviewed. The opinions expressed here reflect those of the authors, and not necessarily those of their home institutions or supporting organizations. 2 Summary The research, conducted from January to December 2006, investigated the effects of the HIV epidemic on a Zomba District sample of households that has been(More)
This study assessed knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) of the public in Malawi on issues related to molds in foodstuffs. A survey involving structured questionnaire was conducted with 805 respondents from seven districts of Malawi. Descriptive statistics, t tests, and analyses of variance were calculated. A majority of respondents recognized that(More)
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