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Reduction of the peak heat loads on the plasma facing components is essential for the success of the next generation of high fusion power tokamaks such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) 1. Many present concepts for accomplishing this involve the use of atomic processes to transfer the heat from the plasma to the main chamber and(More)
Real-time methods for differentiation of in-plane displacement fields produced by the moire interferometry technique are introduced. Two approaches are developed: (1) optical shearing of displacement patterns and (2) superposition of two lateral shear interferograms of wavefronts from 2 diffraction orders of the specimen grating. Coherence problems are(More)
eff ective co-management of coral reef fi sheries in the Pacifi c Region, Volume 5. (1996). By-catch and discards in the western Pacifi c tuna fi sheries: A review of SPC data holdings and literature. Oceanic Fisheries Programme Technical Report 34. decline of the gastropod Nucella lapillus around southwest England: evidence for the eff ect of tributyltin(More)
Future helmet mounted systems and cockpit displays will rely on color graphics and information that high performance aircraft pilots will need to discern and understand. Color in displays may help reduce pilot workload. The effect of high G and reduced eye level blood pressure on field-of-view has been study extensively. The effect of high sustained(More)
In the manufacture of holographic gratings using coherent light there is an associated problem of optical noise, the conventional remedies for which involve various restrictions. In this work a moving point source is adopted and analysis indicates that if the path is a circle several of these restrictions are removed. The scheme is implemented and the(More)
An achromatic interferometer was developed to produce 1200-lines/mm crossed-line photoresist gratings with a mercury arc light source. It is a compact reflection system of outstanding stability. Alignment procedures are described. The most stringent requirement, coplanar alignment of two folding gratings, was accomplished with the aid of a Twyman-Green(More)