Dailia Francis

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Cell division in plants is controlled by the activity of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) complexes. Although this basic mechanism is conserved with all other eukaryotes, plants show novel features of cell-cycle control in the molecules involved and their regulation, including novel CDKs showing strong transcriptional regulation in mitosis. Plant development(More)
Cancer gene discovery has relied extensively on analyzing tumors for gains and losses to reveal the location of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, respectively. Deletions of 1p36 are extremely common genetic lesions in human cancer, occurring in malignancies of epithelial, neural, and hematopoietic origin. Although this suggests that 1p36 harbors a gene(More)
Artemis is an endonuclease that opens coding hairpin ends during V(D)J recombination and has critical roles in postirradiation cell survival. A direct role for the C-terminal region of Artemis in V(D)J recombination has not been defined, despite the presence of immunodeficiency and lymphoma development in patients with deletions in this region. Here, we(More)
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