Daiki Kuwahara

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An appearance of a human face changes due to aging: sagging, spots, lusters, and wrinkles would be observed. Therefore, facial aging simulation techniques are required for long-term criminal investigation. While the appearance of an aged face varies greatly from person to person, wrinkles are one of the most important features which represent the human(More)
In movie and video game productions, synthesizing subtle eye and corresponding head movements of CG character is essential to make a content dramatic and impressive. However, to complete them costs a lot of time and labors because they often have to be made by manual operations of skilled artists.
A reconstruction of a human face shape from a single image is an important theme for criminal investigation such as recognition of suspected people from surveillance cameras with only a few frames. It is, however, still difficult to recover a face shape from a non-frontal face image. Method using shading cues on a face depends on the lighting circumstance(More)
For rapid and effective recovery from a flood disaster, an anti-disaster headquarters must not only assess the extent of damage, but also possess overall knowledge of the possible anti-disaster measures. However, in an anti-disaster headquarters, the personnel possess specialized knowledge, and the prospective measures and services helpful to people(More)
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Progress in micro- to millimeter-wave technologies have made possible advanced diagnostics (imaging) for various applications, such as, plasma diagnostics, radio astronomy, alien substance detection, airborne and spaceborne imaging radars called as synthetic aperture radars, living body measurements. In this report we focus on the reflectometric (radar)(More)
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