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 Alginate-coated meristems from in vitro-grown axillary buds of mint (Mentha spicata L.) were successfully cryopreserved by vitrification. Excised meristems from nodal segments cold hardened at 4  °C for 3 weeks were encapsulated and osmoprotected by a mixture of 2 M glycerol plus 0.4 M sucrose. These meristems were dehydrated with a highly concentrated(More)
Shoot tips of sweet potato were successfully cryopreserved using an encapsulation vitrification method. Encapsulated shoot tips were pre-incubated in liquid Murashige-Skoog medium containing 30 g/l sucrose for 24 h, then precultured in sucrose-enriched medium (0.3 M sucrose) for 16 h. Shoot tips were osmoprotected with a mixture of 2 M glycerol and 1.6 M(More)
Metastable crystals and the amorphous state of poorly water-soluble drugs in solid dispersions (SDs), are subject to a solid-liquid interface reaction upon exposure to a solvent. The dissolution behavior during the solid-liquid interface reaction often shows that the concentration of drugs is supersaturated, with a high initial drug concentration compared(More)
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