Daiki Ebihara

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For realizing natural interaction with a virtual object, bare hand interaction reduces the discomfort caused by devices mounted on the user's hand. There have been some studies on such bare hand interaction, however in these studies the shape of the virtual object is assumed to be simple or the user touches a physical object during the bare hand(More)
-Authors propose the spherical electromagnetic actuator that applied Surface Motor. The feature of this actuator is the ability to arrange the magnetic poles uniformly by distributing the stator's magnetic poles in triangular lattice. In this paper, we report that the fundamental structure of this actuator and secondary side permanent magnets arrangement,(More)
Bare hand interaction with a virtual object reduces uncomfortableness with devices mounted on a user's hand. There are some studies on the bare hand interaction[Benko et al. 2012], however a virtual object is supposed to be a hard object or a user touches a physical object during the bare hand interaction. We focus on grasping a virtual object without using(More)
In the industrial world, the actuator that carries out a multi-dimension drive and simple structure is rapidly performed. The actuator that operates the direction of z-thetas is needed in the manufacturing processes such as semiconductors and the liquid crystals. In this paper, the construction of the two-dimensional oscillatory actuator with magnetic(More)
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