Daijun Jiang

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In this paper, we consider the reconstruction of the nucleation rate in the threedimensional time cone model, which turns out to be an inverse source problem for a double hyperbolic equation. More precisely, we attempt to recover a spatial component of the nucleation rate by partial interior observation data. After a direct derivation of a hyperbolic-type(More)
In order to resolve the difficulty of micro abrasive feed continuously and precisely in micro abrasive water jet machining, an installation for precise feed micro abrasive was designed based on principle of material conveying by auger mechanism. The auger is driven by DC motor reducer. The abrasive flow rate is controlled precisely by regulating the revolve(More)
In this paper, the model for a prototype magnetic levitation system are first studied. Here four hybrid electromagnetic actuators are used to levitate the car body along the normal direction and another two lateral actuators are employed to suspend the car body on the central line of the rail. With the simplified model, we develop a sliding mode controller(More)
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