Daijiro Kobashi

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A coast in southern Vietnam, which is located in a wide and flat alluvial fan and neighbors tidal rivers fringed by wide mangrove swamps, has been eroded continuously by approximately 50 m/year since the early 20th century. Based on field observations and numerical experiments, it is inferred that this large scale erosion is caused by the transition of(More)
Both the drag force and the horizontal eddy viscosity play a dominant role in the tidal-scale hydrodynamics in mangrove wetlands. Using field observations and basic fluid mechanics laws, the drag coefficient and the coefficient of dynamic eddy viscosity are found to be predictable as a function of the Reynolds Number based on the characteristic length scale(More)
The behavior of tidal flow in the riverine-forest type is investigated in the Aira-River mangrove area in Iriomote Island, Japan. In the mangrove swamp near the bank of the creek, a velocity component parallel to a tidal creek reduces greatly in the direction perpendicular to the creek. Based on this finding, it is theoretically suggested that the eddy(More)
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