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This paper proposes high-energy efficient future-Internet architecture. All traffic is aggregated to a solitary universal cloud router through an optical aggregation network. Evaluation shows power consumption can be reduced to 1/1000 compare to present Internet.
We have developed a new-generation, general-purpose digital signal processor (DSP) core with low power dissipation for use in third-generation (3G) mobile terminals. The DSP core employs a 4-way VLIW (very long instruction word) approach, as well as a dual-multiply-accumulate (dual-MAC) architecture with good orthogonality. It is able to perform both video(More)
We develop a P2MP energy-saving routing design using Prim's algorithm to reduce the energy consumption of the transport network for multipoint services. By computer simulation, it is shown the developed algorithm provides an energy-saving topology within 1 second and reduces number of links up to 57% in 40 node network.
In Japan, FTTH (Fiber To The Home) subscribers exceeded 5 million in 2006 and will reach about 20 million in 2008[1]. The spread of ultra-high speed access networks will enable us to transfer bulk contents like HD (High Definition) movie files. We design and implement an optical slot switching network for bulk content transfer. We consider that the optical(More)
Die Prominentia spiralis and das umgebende Gewebe werden histochemisch untersucht, um die oxydativen and lysosomalen Fermente, die ATPase, die Butyrylcholinesterase, unspezifische Esterasen und alkalische Phosphatase nachzuweisen. Die Ergebnisse werden in Zusammenhang mit der Funktion der Prominentia spiralis diskutiert. Die morphologischen Eigenschaften(More)
Multi-domain GMPLS layer-2 switch capable network with VLAN tag swapping is demonstrated. In this demonstration, we verify three features, establishing path with designating VLAN ID, swapping VLAN ID on software switch, and management of VLAN IDs per domain.
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