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We propose two security models for one-round group key exchange (ORGKE), which are called as g-eCKw and g-eCK-PFS. The g-eCK-PFS is a stronger variant of g-eCKw, which particularly formulates perfect forward secrecy for ORGKE. A new tripartite ORGKE is proposed to provide g-eCKw security without random oracles under standard assumptions, that is also more(More)
Stateful authenticated group key exchange (stAGKE) represents an important class of authenticated group key exchange (AGKE) such as tree-based AGKE. The computation of either ephemeral public key or session key in a new stAGKE session may be based on the ephemeral secret state from some previously established session. We notice that earlier AGKE models may(More)
FPGAs are widely used in the reconfiguration computing. Among its applications, cryptographic implementations require a significant level of security protections. However, FPGAs are vulnerable to several attack approaches such as Side Channel Attacks (SCA). Differential Power Analysis (DPA) is regarded as the most powerful side channel attack on(More)
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