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A rational strategy for the realization of chain-growth supramolecular polymerization
Popping open one by one into polymers We rarely board airplanes by joining the back of a single well-ordered line. More often, we jostle around in one of several bulging crowds that merge haphazardlyExpand
Cyclic block copolymers for controlling feature sizes in block copolymer lithography.
Block copolymer lithography holds promise as a next-generation technique to achieve the sub-20 nm feature sizes demanded by semiconductor roadmaps. While molecular weight and block immiscibility haveExpand
Revisiting thiol‐yne chemistry: Selective and efficient monoaddition for block and graft copolymer formation
The untapped potential of radical thiol-yne mono-addition chemistry is exploited to overcome the known limitations of thiol-ene chemistry in polymer coupling and block copolymer formation. By carefulExpand
Liquid crystalline corannulene responsive to electric field.
An amide-appended corannulene derivative (3) with tribranched paraffinic side chains self-assembles into a hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline (LC) mesophase over a wide temperature range from 154Expand
An autonomous actuator driven by fluctuations in ambient humidity.
Devices that respond to negligibly small fluctuations in environmental conditions will be of great value for the realization of more sustainable, low-power-consumption actuators and electronicExpand
Ferroelectric Columnar Liquid Crystal Featuring Confined Polar Groups Within Core–Shell Architecture
Finessing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals For a material to show a ferroelectric response, it needs to have segments that can be polarized, with a net polarization that remains when the applied fieldExpand
C₅-symmetric chiral corannulenes: desymmetrization of bowl inversion equilibrium via "intramolecular" hydrogen-bonding network.
Because of a rapid conformational inversion, bowl-shaped C5-symmetric corannulenes, though geometrically chiral, have not been directly resolved into their enantiomers. However, if this inversionExpand
Columnar liquid crystal with a spontaneous polarization along the columnar axis.
A fan-shaped molecule (2), carrying hydrogen-bonding amide groups in proximity to its polar aromatic core, self-assembles into a columnar liquid crystalline mesophase, which unprecedentedly possessesExpand
Dynamic propeller conformation for the unprecedentedly high degree of chiral amplification of supramolecular helices† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Synthesis, analytical data
Unprecedentedly high degree of chiral amplification using dynamic propeller conformation of triphenylamine.
Electric-field-responsive handle for large-area orientation of discotic liquid-crystalline molecules in millimeter-thick films.
As well-known for liquid-crystalline (LC) displays a variety of rodlike LC molecules that assemble into nematic and smectic phases align unidirectionally under the influence of an electric field (EExpand