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OBJECTIVE Interleukin(IL)-17A, an inflammatory cytokine, has been implicated in atherosclerosis, in which inflammatory cells within atherosclerotic plaques express IL-17A. However, its role in the development of atheroscelrosis remains to be controversial. METHODS AND RESULTS To directly examine the role of IL-17A in atherosclerosis, we generated(More)
OBJECTIVE Syndecan-4 (Syn4) is a heparan sulfate proteoglycan and works as a coreceptor for various growth factors. We examined whether Syn4 could be involved in the development of neointimal formation in vivo. METHODS AND RESULTS Wild-type (WT) and Syn4-deficient (Syn4-/-) mice were subjected to wire-induced femoral artery injury. Syn4 mRNA was(More)
Atypical femoral fractures (AFFs) have been reported to occur with minimal or spontaneous subtrochanteric and femoral shaft fractures with a characteristic transverse pattern, compared with typical femoral fractures in young patients with high-energy trauma. AFFs are related to long-term use of bisphosphonates (BPs), glucocorticoids and rheumatic diseases.(More)
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