Daichi Jitsuzaki

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O(6)-Methyl-2'-deoxyguanosine (O(6)-Me-dG) is a mutagenic nucleotide in DNA. O(6)-Me-dG in DNA was rapidly and selectively modified by a functionality transfer reaction using the ODN incorporating 6-S-functionalized thioguanosine. Subsequent labelling of O(6)-Me-dG with the fluorescent FAM or biotin group via click chemistry has permitted the sensitive and(More)
The formation of interstrand cross-links in nucleic acids can have a strong impact on biological function of nucleic acids; therefore, many cross-linking agents have been developed for biological applications. Despite numerous studies, there remains a need for cross-linking agents that exhibit both efficiency and selectivity. In this study, a(More)
Modified nucleosides in natural RNA molecules are essential for their functions. Non-natural nucleoside analogues have been introduced into RNA to manipulate its structure and function. We have recently developed a new strategy for the in situ modification of RNA based on the functionality transfer reaction between an oligodeoxynucleotide probe and an RNA(More)
Non-natural RNA modifications have been widely used to study the function and structure of RNA. Expanding the study of RNA further requires versatile and efficient tools for site-specific RNA modification. We recently established a new strategy for the site-specific modification of RNA based on a functionality-transfer reaction between an(More)
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