Daiane S. Alves

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The Na(+),K(+)-ATPase is the major active transport protein found in the plasma membranes of most epithelial cell types. The regulation of Na(+),K(+)-ATPase activity involves a variety of mechanisms, including regulated endocytosis and recycling. Our efforts to identify novel Na(+),K(+)-ATPase binding partners revealed a direct association between the(More)
Alterations in epithelial cell polarity and in the subcellular distributions of epithelial ion transport proteins are key molecular consequences of acute kidney injury and intracellular energy depletion. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a cellular energy sensor, is rapidly activated in response to renal ischemia, and we demonstrate that its activity is(More)
We have previously demonstrated that the highly conserved R209, that flanks the M1 transmembrane segment of nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptors, is required for the transport of assembled homomeric neuronal α7 nicotinic ACh receptors to the cell surface. In the present paper we show that basic residues at positions 208 and 210 are necessary for the(More)
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