Daiane Cristina Ferreira Golbert

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The thymic epithelium is the major microenvironmental component of the thymus, the primary lymphoid organ responsible for the generation of T lymphocytes. Thymic epithelial cells (TEC) control intrathymic T cell differentiation by means of distinct types of interactions. TEC constitutively produce chemokines and extracellular matrix ligands (such as laminin(More)
The laminin (LM)-database, hosted at http://www.lm.lncc.br, was published in the NAR database 2011 edition. It was the first database that provided comprehensive information concerning a non-collagenous family of extracellular matrix proteins, the LMs. In its first version, this database contained a large amount of information concerning LMs related to(More)
The Laminin(LM)-database, hosted at http://www.lm.lncc.br, is the first database focusing a non-collagenous extracellular matrix protein family, the LMs. Part of the knowledge available in this website is automatically retrieved, whereas a significant amount of information is curated and annotated, thus placing LM-database beyond a simple repository of(More)
Intrathymic T-cell differentiation is a key process for the development and maintenance of cell-mediated immunity, and occurs concomitantly to highly regulated migratory events. We have proposed a multivectorial model for describing intrathymic thymocyte migration. One of the individual vectors comprises interactions mediated by laminins (LMs), a(More)
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