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In the knowledge-based economy, business intelligence (BI) and knowledge management (KM) are posed to solve information glut and knowledge sharing to improve decision-making in enterprises. KM and BI are different but interrelated in terms of common foundation, complementarity and synergy. First, this paper gives a brief introduction of BI and KM, and then(More)
TMT (Top Management Team, TMT) refers to the relatively small team of top executives with overall responsibility for the organization The group effectiveness of TMT is becoming more and more important while facing the complicated and fast changeable management environment. This paper gave analysis and summarization of the researches on TMT, and then(More)
In most cases, ill-posedness exists inherently in the solution process of inverse image problems (such as X-ray CT image reconstruction from projections, ECG and EEG inverse mapping), and affects seriously the quality, stability and accuracy of the reconstructed images with the susceptibility to the errors in measurement data and numerical solution of(More)
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