Dai Roberts

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Malaria transmission is strongly associated with location. This association has two main features. First, the disease is focused around specific mosquito breeding sites and can normally be transmitted only within certain distances from them: in Africa these are typically between a few hundred metres and a kilometre and rarely exceed 2-3 kilometres. Second,(More)
Freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) populations are declining in Northern Ireland to the extent that a captive breeding programme was established on the Upper Ballinderry river in 1998. Previous genetic analysis of the hatchery broodstock and their first cohort of offspring showed significant levels of inbreeding (F IS  = 0.166). The(More)
Polypharmacy, the concurrent use of multiple medications by one individual is a growing global issue driven by an ageing population and increasing prevalence of multi-morbidity[1]. Polypharmacy can be problematic: interactions between medications, reduced adherence to medication, burden of medication to patients, administration time, increased risk of(More)
Habitat degradation is a contributory factor to poor recruitment and sustainability of the European native oyster, Ostrea edulis. Bed cleaning (harrowing) is a widely referenced but little studied habitat management measure aimed at exposing clean shell for oyster larvae to settle upon. This study carried out a large-scale field experiment in Lough Foyle on(More)
This study describes the early epifaunal succession associated with an artificial reef constructed to regenerate damaged biogenic habitats formed by Modiolus modiolus (Linnaeus, 1758). Clumps of live M. modiolus were translocated onto three treatments: flattened cultch, elevated cultch, and directly onto the sea floor. Photographic surveys were carried out(More)
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