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Rho-associated coiled-coil protein kinase (ROCK) is an effector for the small GTPase Rho and plays a pivotal role in diverse cellular activities, including cell adhesion, cytokinesis, and gene expression, primarily through an alteration of actin cytoskeleton dynamics. Here, we show that ROCK2 is localized in the nucleus and associates with p300(More)
To reduce the scan time of time of flight or phase contrast angiography sequences, fast three-dimensional k-space trajectories can be employed. The best 3D trajectory depends on tolerable scan time, readout time, geometric flexibility, flow/motion properties and others. A formalism for flow/motion sensitivity comparison based on the velocity k-space(More)
The cathodic polarization technique to form an alkaline environment on a zirconium (Zr) surface, discussed in the present study, is unique, and gives the ability to form calcium phosphate in a simulated body fluid to Zr; on the other hand, many previous studies have been conducted using immersion in alkaline solutions. In this study, two discrete techniques(More)
Novel [2]rotaxanes bearing alpha-cyclodextrin (alpha-CD) derivatives and a diphenylacetylene axis molecule with trinitrobenzene as a bulky stopper have been prepared to investigate the relative rotary movement of a ring relative to an axis molecule and that of an axis molecule in a ring by NMR techniques. [2]Rotaxanes 2 and 3 were composed of alpha-CD(More)
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