Dai Jie Cheng

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While there are several existing mechanisms and systems addressing the crucial and difficult issues of automated one-to-many negotiation, this paper develops a flexible one-to-many negotiation mechanism for software agents. Unlike the existing general one-to-many negotiation mechanism, in which an agent should wait until it has received proposals from all(More)
Aluminum (Al) has long been implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Dietary polyphenols have been strongly associated with reduced risk of AD and the other nervous diseases. We aimed to evaluate the preventive effect of the apple polyphenol extract (APE) on Al-induced biotoxicity, in order to provide a new focus on the design of(More)
To learn how the endogenous polyphenols may play a role in fruit ripening and senescence, apple pulp discs were used as a model to study the influences of chlorogenic acid (CHA, a major polyphenol in apple pulp) on fruit ripening and senescence. Apple ('Golden Delicious') pulp discs prepared from pre-climacteric fruit were treated with 50 mg L(-1) CHA and(More)
An anti-tumor peptide from Musca domestica pupae (MATP) inhibited proliferation of human liver cancer cells HepG2 in a dose-dependent manner. The results of morphology observation indicated that MATP inducing HepG2 cells apoptosis based on the typical apoptotic morphological changes. Flow cytometric analysis demonstrated that MATP caused apoptosis of HepG2(More)
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