Dai Griffiths

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One of the issues for the Personal Learning Environment is the integration of personal tools with institution-centric information and services such as timetable information, and the coordination of cohort-specific group activities. One potential solution is the use of widgets – small, single-function applications that can be used in different applications,(More)
This report contains a description of the purpose of the workshop, its methodologies and results. Participating experts first brainstormed visions and problems of IMS Learning Design (IMS LD), and then developed potential solutions to some of the identified problems. Three groups formed to work on two of the identified problems in more depth: the usability(More)
Dialogic learning and interactive groups have proved to be a useful methodological approach applied in educational situations for lifelong adult learners. The principles of this approach stress the importance of dialogue and equal participation also when designing the training activities. This paper adopts these principles as the basis for a configurable(More)
The concept of social role is a fundamental underpinning of the design and implementation of a wide range of learning technologies. However, the roles that are designed into technologies often ill-fit the real roles of teachers, learners and other stakeholders in educational institutions. This can exacerbate problems in adoption as stakeholders do not(More)
The evolution of new technology and its increasing use, has for some years been making the existence of informal learning more and more transparent, especially among young and older adults in both Higher Education and workplace contexts. However, the nature of formal and non-formal, course-based, approaches to learning has made it hard to accommodate these(More)
The placements and internships are one of the main paths to get professional background and some skills for students, especially in areas like informatics and computer sciences. The European-funded VALS project tries to promote the virtual placements and establish a new initiative in virtual placements called Semester of Code. This initiative binds higher(More)
Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page. ABSTRACT It is important that the LAK community looks to the future, in order that it can help develop the policies,(More)
1. MOTIVATION With the arrival of 'big data' in education, the potential was recognised for learning analytics to track students' learning, to reveal patterns in their learning, or to identify at-risk students, in addition to guiding reform and supporting educators in improving teaching and learning processes [1]. Learning Analytics dashboards have been(More)
The increasing presence of Web 2.0 media and tools in the workplace makes informal learning increasingly important and its recognition there becomes especially relevant since this can enhance employability, producing positive benefits for managers and companies, and give employees opportunities to learn and keep their skills up-to-date, etc. Thus, taking(More)