Dai Chuanyun

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The structure of the cell membrane of Ecemothecium ashbyii is considered to be one of the main obstacles in the improvement of riboflavin productivity, which impedes the release of riboflavin from the cell into the fermentation broth. The results of the present study show that stimulation on growth and riboflavin biosynthesis phase, the content of(More)
Preparations from Echinacea are among the most widely used herbal medicines. Most uses of Echinacea are based on the reported immunological properties. In this paper, we used callus of Echinacea augustifolia for isolation and researched the factors influencing the process of protoplasts preparation, the result indicated it was easy to isolate protoplast(More)
Pyruvic acid lay on the center position of Eremothecium ashbyii metabolic fluxes, during fermentation, a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method is presented for the simultaneous determination of pyruvic acid in the Eremothecium ashbyii cell culture of both with ultrasound stimulation and the control. Dry weight and riboflavin are also(More)
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