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—This paper presents a simple but effective IPTV channel control algorithm that keeps channel zapping time in the tolerable range with high network utilization. The proposed algorithm controls channel zapping time by adjusting the number of broadcasting channels that are located close to users over IP networks and the number of additional I-frames inserted(More)
Effective quality-of-service renegotiating schemes for streaming video is presented. The conventional network supporting quality of service generally allows a negotiation at a call setup. However, it is not efficient for the video application since the compressed video traffic is statistically nonstationary. Thus, we consider the network supporting(More)
The Differentiated services model has been prevailed as a scalable approach to provide quality of service over the Internet. However, there are difficulties in providing the guaranteed service in terms of end-to-end systems since differentiated services network considers quality of service of traffic aggregates due to the scalability. Furthermore since(More)
SUMMARY Differentiated-services model has been prevailed as a scal-able solution to provide quality of service over the Internet. Many researches have been focused on per hop behavior or a single domain behavior to enhance quality of service. Thus, there are still difficulties in providing the end-to-end guaranteed service when the path between sender and(More)
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