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Vibration response imaging: a novel noninvasive tool for evaluating the initial therapeutic effect of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic
BackgroundThe popular methods for evaluating the initial therapeutic effect (ITE) of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV) can only roughly reflect the therapeutic outcome of a patient’sExpand
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Green's function formalism in semi-infinite composites: an investigation of local field distribution
In the resonant composites, the formerly developed Green's function formalism (GFF) can be used to compute the local field distribution near resonance. In this paper, we extend the GFF in theExpand
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Multiple light scattering of non-spherical particles with elliptical cross section
A model for a kind of non-spherical particles with elliptical cross section is established, and their phase functions are obtained. Based on the radiative-transfer equation, considering the shape andExpand
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Fructus Xanthii Poisoning: A Case Report and Literature Review
Fructus Xanthii,a common Chinese herb containing toxic components such as atractyloside,carboxyl-group atractyloside or its derivatives,is used in treatment for anemofrigid headache,nasal sinusitisExpand
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Design of Roll Call System Based on Visual FoxPro Platform
A roll-call system based on Visual the FoxPro was introduced through developing the front end application procedure and describing the process of setting up the backstage database.
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Study of Measuring Particle-size Distribution by Digital Camera
The shifrin transform theory of inversing particle size distribution is introduced in this paper.According to this theory,a method of measurement proposed by author is simulated.The experimentalExpand
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Fraunhofer-diffraction of the Similar Circular Ring
The analytical result of Fraunhofer-Diffraction of the circular ring is known but that of the similar circular ring isn't. Based on Kirchhoff diffraction integral formula, the analytical result ofExpand
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Fraunhofer-Diffraction on a class of figuresconstructed ellipse and rectangle
Based on Kirchhoff diffraction integral formula and utilized ingeniously the relations of curve coordinate and Fouriertransform of ellipse, the analytical result of FraunhoferDiffraction on theExpand
Utilization of Metallic Strength Member and Sheath in the Maintenance of Fiber Optic Cables
The currently used methods and their shortcomings of treating metallic strength member and sheath during installing fiber optic cable links are analyzed.A new method to combinatively utilize metallicExpand