Dahui Huang

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Proposed is a hardware correlated Lognormal distributed sequence generator based on the Virtex-IV XC4VFX100-10 FPGA. The random number is generated by the improved Tausworthe architecture and the non-correlated Gaussian random sequence is generated by Box-Muller algorithm. The correlated Lognormal distributed sequence is generated by zero memory(More)
Tomographic methods offer great potential for retrieving three-dimensional spatial distributions of cloud liquid water from radiometric observations by passive microwave sensors. Fixed tomographic systems require multiple radiometers, while mobile systems can use just a single radiometer. Part 1 (this paper) examines the results from a limited cloud(More)
Proposed is a maximum likelihood (ML) estimation and minimum target error function (TEF) method to estimate the parameters of the moving target for high range resolution stepped-frequency radar in temporal-spatial correlated clutter background. The compound-Gaussian model is used for the temporal-spatial correlated clutter. Both of the velocity and range of(More)
Common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.) is important to broaden the narrow genetic diversity of cultivated rice. To better understand the genetic variation, heritability and genetic correlations of agronomically important traits, 156 F2:3 families derived from the cross between rice (Oryza sativa) and wide rice (O. rufipogon Griff.) were evaluated under(More)
Proposed is a maximum likelihood (ML) estimation method to estimate the parameter of the moving target for high range resolution stepped-frequency radar in strong clutter background. In this study the temporal correlated clutter is used. By transmitting frequency-hopping waveform and using the spectrum density of the clutter, the method may accurately(More)
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