Dahlia W. Zaidel

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OBJECTIVE Schizophrenia may involve the two cerebral hemispheres differentially. This study was conducted to determine whether left and right hippocampal neuronal size, shape, and orientation are normally asymmetrical or asymmetrically affected in schizophrenia. METHOD The authors examined postmortem tissue from the left and right hippocampus of 17 normal(More)
The asymmetrical status of facial beauty has rarely been investigated. We studied positive facial characteristics, attractiveness and smiling, through the use of left-left and right-right composites of unfamiliar faces of women and men with natural expressions. Results showed that women's right-right composites were judged significantly more attractive than(More)
The relationship between bilateral facial symmetry and beauty remains to be clarified. Here, straight head-on photographs of "beautiful" faces from the collections of professional modeling agencies were selected. First, beauty ratings were obtained for these faces. Then, the authors created symmetrical left-left and right-right composites of the beautiful(More)
We recently reported finding asymmetry in the appearance of beauty on the face [Zaidel et al., Neuropsychologia, Vol. 33, pp. 649-655, 1995]. Here, we investigated whether facial beauty is a stable characteristic (on the owner's very face) or is in the perceptual space of the observer. We call the question 'the owner vs observer hypothesis'. We compared(More)
Scholars have long puzzled over how an extraordinary musician such as Beethoven could compose most of his music without ever hearing it, or how nearly blind painters such as Monet, Pissarro, or Degas could continue to create paintings of enormous beauty? And how can we explain Maurice Ravel’s medical history? He was affected by a slow progressive dementing(More)
Interpretations of ambiguous sentences were studied in patients with unilateral anterior temporal lobectomy or selective amygdalo-hippocampectomy. The sentences represented lexical and syntactic ambiguities. In both left- and right-sided groups, regardless of type of surgery, total mean score on the test was below normal. Left-sided cases, regardless of(More)
BACKGROUND The histological basis of schizophrenia is unknown, but it appears to affect the hippocampal and neocortical cytoarchitecture. Some cytoarchitectural parameters normally differ between the two cerebral hemispheres. Moreover, schizophrenia is associated with altered structural cerebral asymmetry. However, few cytoarchitectural studies of(More)
Regional differentiation based on size, form, and orientation angle of the soma of individual neurons in human post-mortem hippocampus was determined through correlations between pairs of hippocampal subfields in each side separately. The neurons were previously measured on a computer. In the normal cases, a left-right asymmetrical pattern of regional(More)