Dahlia Admon

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BACKGROUND Recently detorsion has replaced salpingo-oophorectomy as treatment for the twisted ischaemic adnexa. This paper asssess whether the ovary resumes normal function after preservation by detorsion. METHODS The results of detorsion performed between January 1988 and December 2001 were retrospectively analysed. Post-operative complications and(More)
AIMS This report describes the baseline characteristics of patients in the Reduction of Events with Darbepoetin alfa in Heart Failure trial (RED-HF) which is testing the hypothesis that anaemia correction with darbepoetin alfa will reduce the composite endpoint of death from any cause or hospital admission for worsening heart failure, and improve other(More)
We describe a patient with iron-deficiency anemia, thrombocytopenia and paucity of marrow megakaryocytes, in whom the anemia and the thrombocytopenia responded to the administration of iron. Thrombocytopenia recurred, despite maintenance of normal hemoglobin and iron levels and adequate marrow megakaryocytes. Corticosteroids and splenectomy were required(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility and diagnostic value of the emergency room use of transvaginal ultrasonography operated by the obstetrics and gynecology residents. STUDY DESIGN One hundred sixty-eight patients scanned in the emergency room constituted the study group and were compared with 61 patients for whom(More)
BACKGROUND Torsion of the ovary is an urgent event for fertile women. Until recent years, the common treatment for twisted ischemic ovaries was salpingo-oophorectomy. We have demonstrated in the past that the ovary can be salvaged provided detorsion is performed. We studied the outcome of women undergoing minimal surgery for ischemic ovaries versus the(More)
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, the primary treatment for renal and ureteral stones, is an elective procedure with a low rate of complications, although most patients have macrohematuria which lasts for a few hours, and as many as 25% develop a renal or perirenal hematoma. Therefore, SWL is not performed during anticoagulant therapy, and any blood(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are the factors associated with long-term success in patients with symptomatic uterine fibroids treated by magnetic resonance-guided focus ultrasound (MRgFUS) and can they be employed to create a clinically useful index that predicts long-term efficacy? SUMMARY ANSWER Hypo-intense fibroids on T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging(More)
Background: A large number of drugs have been shown to affect the metabolism of cyclosporin A (CSA) and, since cyclosporin is characterized by a narrow therapeutic range, the consequences of such drug interactions may often be of clinical importance. Objective: To evaluate the effect of short-term administration of dipyrone on steady state CSA(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to evaluate the use of cervical suture in cervical pregnancy. METHODS AND RESULTS All cases of cervical pregnancy diagnosed and treated in the gynaecological department at the Sheba Medical Center between 1994-2000 were included in the study. Eight such cases were diagnosed. The first four cases were treated medically. The(More)
A 62-year-old woman with an 8-year history of urticaria, arthralgia and arthritis developed recurrent pleural effusion. A thorough laboratory workup during repeated attacks of concomitant urticaria and pleural effusion disclosed only hypocomplementemia and the histopathological finding of the skin biopsy revealed leukoclastic vasculitis. These findings are(More)
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