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The reuse of debris from building demolition is of increasing public interest because it decreases the volume of material to be disposed to landfill. This research is focused on the evaluation of the possibility of reusing recycled aggregate from construction or demolition waste (C&D) as a substitute for natural aggregate in concrete production. In most(More)
Transmission errors have detrimental impact on video quality in wireless network. Hence, this requires highly efficient error correction scheme to significantly improve the quality of the media content. Deploying error correction technique alone would not strategically eradicate the problem unless some adaptation mechanism has been included in order to make(More)
Carbamzepine (CBZ) was encapsulated in a parenteral oil-in-water nanoemulsion, in an attempt to improve its bioavailability. The particle size, polydispersity index and zeta potential were measured using dynamic light scattering. Other parameters such as pH, osmolality, viscosity, drug loading efficiency and entrapment efficiency were also recorded.(More)
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