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This paper proposes a new shearing approach to eliminate the systematic errors in phase measuring deflectometry (PMD). Besides a normal measurement using PMD, another three measurements are taken when the test surfaces are translated and rotated with an amount of known magnitude in our proposed method. The four measurements give three sheared wavefronts,(More)
Based on the Legendre polynomials expressions and its properties, this article proposes a new approach to reconstruct the distorted wavefront under test of a laser beam over square area from the phase difference data obtained by a RSI system. And the result of simulation and experimental results verifies the reliability of the method proposed in this paper.(More)
Organic-inorganic perovskites were fabricated through a one-step procedure with different levels of hydration water in precursor solutions. The optical properties of CH<sub>3</sub>NH<sub>3</sub>PbI<sub>3</sub> films were investigated through spectroscopic ellipsometry and photoluminescence measurements. With the measured optical constants, the efficiency(More)
A highly Ho-doped single-mode lead germanate glass fiber is developed for compact ∼2  μm lasers. Over 600 mW of laser output operating at 2.04 μm is demonstrated in a 2 cm-long active fiber. The slope efficiency reaches ∼34.9% with respect to the launched 1.94 μm laser pump power. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest laser output power(More)
A radial shearing (RS) interferogram obtained by the carrier fringe method is essentially the combination of radial and lateral shearing. The previous phase reconstruction algorithm neglects the effect of lateral shearing on the obtained RS interferogram. A mathematical formula for wavefront reconstruction from an RS interferogram is deduced. If the phase(More)
A new iterative algorithm to be used to precisely reconstruct near-field distribution from an interferogram of a laser output generated by a cyclic radial-shearing interferometer is proposed. First, by use of a window function around the zero-frequency part of the Fourier transform of the interferogram and calculation of the inverse Fourier transform of the(More)
We present a modal wavefront reconstruction from slope measurements for rectangular optical components of high-power laser systems. Wavefront reconstruction with slope data is an important approach used for wavefront control or correction in high-power systems. In this work, we derive a complete set of orthonormal wavefront slope polynomials for rectangular(More)
In quantitative deflectometry, a test optical component is generally divided into numerous sample regions by the pixels on a camera's CCD detector, and the adjacent intervals of sample regions are unequal in off-axis configurations. In this case, errors will be introduced in the reconstruction result if the traditional Southwell zonal integration method is(More)
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