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Aiming at nonlinear control system on-line modeling, the effects of training data distribution to the performance of SVR are analyzed, and a new modeling method based on modified support vector regression (SVR) is proposed. The analyzed results indicate that the data near to the new added sample should be preserved when training data are updated, which can(More)
The Proportional Slowdown Differentiation (PSD) is an important Quality of Service (QoS) model for services in the Cloud. It aims to maintain consistent pre-specified slowdown ratios between the requests of different service classes. In this paper, a novel online fuzzy learning algorithm is proposed to facilitate the PSD control for distributed services.(More)
In this paper, we propose a Sarsa(λ) algorithm based online self-optimizing QoS control framework in the middleware layer to solve the differentiated average response time control problem in distributed services. Compared to other existing solutions, the proposed controller can learn control policy autonomously without the need of(More)
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