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The noise effects on dynamical-mode-locking phenomena in the ac-driven dissipative Frenkel-Kontorova model are studied by molecular-dynamics simulations. It was found that the noise strongly influences the properties of the Shapiro steps and the way they respond to the changing of system parameters. The increase of temperature produces the melting of the(More)
We study the thermal boundary conduction in one-dimensional harmonic and ϕ^{4} lattices, both of which consist of two segments coupled by a harmonic interaction. For the ballistic interfacial heat transport through the harmonic lattice, we use both theoretical calculation and molecular dynamics simulation to study the heat flux and temperature jump at the(More)
Negative differential thermal resistance (NDTR) can be generated for any one-dimensional heat flow with a temperature-dependent thermal conductivity. In a system-independent scaling analysis, the general condition for the occurrence of NDTR is found to be an inequality with three scaling exponents: n(1)n(2) < -(1+n(3)), where n(1) ∈ (-∞,+∞) describes a(More)
Dynamical behavior of on-off intermittency around chaos synchronization-desynchronization bifurcation parameter line is investigated in coupled identical chaotic oscillators. Along this parameter line, we find that on-off intermittency can transit from phase-unlocking status to phase-locking one in the phase space of variable differences, which can be(More)
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